Digital OOH is one of the few traditional media that has benefited from advances in technology, mobile & social media.

Dynamic DOOH is not just about data.  It is about being smart with the creative process to deliver messages that are relevant to time, audience profile, locations and mindset.

One factor may be the smart use of data to deliver contextually relevant communications.  For example, Google Outside delivered relevant messages in real-time based on location, weather & other environmental factors.


Technology is driving innovation & creativity in DOOH; it is also an enabler for consumers giving them the opportunity to directly connect with the brand

-Iconic Dynamic Real-Time Activation
-Leveraging Calendar Events
-Exclusive Ownership
-Reactive Tactical
-Trialing the new


9% of people who see OOH interact with the brand advertised

+17% uplift in brand interactions when OOH used (versus campaigns with no OOH) .. Rises to 38% in Top 20 Brands

Two-thirds (66%) of brand actions are direct to smartphone

24% of those taking action on a mobile did so within an hour of seeing the campaign & 64% took action after 7-8 OOH exposures, highlighting the relevance of OOH’s ability to drive message frequency.