UK Shopping Malls account for 27% of the £285 billion spent in the UK retail sector in 2015.  Malls are a destination in their own right with over 7 million visitors per week according to Route data. A place to shop, meet friends, enjoy a meal, go to the cinema or get fit in the gym.  As reflected in the average dwell time of almost 2 hours per visit, this is more than just a ‘trip to the shops’, it is an experience.

The mall environment provides advertisers with a captive audience.  Researchers at the UK’s Brunel University have noted that shopping is associated with increased activity in the left prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that is linked to pleasure and positive thinking.

Research shows that being in a happy mind-set means that shoppers are more susceptible to the influence of advertising.

Additionally, Trevor Woods research indicates that on average 35-50% of shoppers will make a purchase whilst visiting a mall.

Outdoor Plus Malls are an important environment for advertisers wanting guaranteed stand-out at the point of purchase.  Our premium screens are strategically located to offer maximum visibility; delivering a young, urban & affluent retail and leisure audience.

Delivering over 4.5 million impacts per fortnight, our screens are located in seven of the UK’s top shopping malls, including Bluewater Kent; Manchester Arndale & Highcross Leicester. All screens offer full motion & Wi-Fi capability to provide rich content and greater connectivity with consumers.