The Digital Heart of London

Outdoor Plus is uniquely placed to deliver advertisers the very best in roadside Digital OOH– offering a bespoke approach which ensures premium quality delivered with complete flexibility to meet today’s communication needs.

Digital OOH is one of few traditional media that has benefited from advances in technology, mobile & social media and it has been proven to measurably enhance communications plans.

The Outdoor Plus portfolio of state-of-the-art digital screens provide brands with unrivalled OOH locations & access to London’s most desirable districts.

Our current iconic digital portfolio comprises 22 screens across 18 landmark locations, delivering an audience of over 25 million people per fortnight.

 London Audience Overview

London is a truly global city, home for people from all parts of the world. It is a world centre for arts and culture, commerce, science and technological development and education.

 London Borough Overview

The City of London, a square mile of land that was for centuries the heart of the capital, is now home to more than 16,000 companies and generated £45bn for the economy in 2015.

The London media choice you want to make.

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